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Guangzhou, China

Imperial Springs Golf Course

Guests can treat themselves to something very special at the exclusive Imperial Springs hotel. Sitting at the foothills of China’s Conghua Phoenix Mountains, the hotel is traditional in style but luxurious and modern in guest amenities. Delivering personalised service in a highly private setting, Imperial Springs offers guests hot spring and spa activities, six dining options with round-the-clock butler service, as well as its very own 27-hole golf course. 

  • Take a short buggy drive with your private butler to the Kingold Museum, where you’ll be given a private tour of this exceptional collection. Containing more than 20,000 pieces, with some more than 5,000 years old, this private collection showcases some of China’s most significant artefacts
  • Dine at the resort's renowned restaurant, the Imperial Palace, to sample authentic Chaozhou cuisine
  • One 27-hole golf course, with outstanding club houses and facilities 

Activities in Imperial Springs

Non golfing activities

For the traveller who likes to indulge, or for golfers who wish to unwind after a day on the green, Imperial Springs offers an array of relaxing activities 


Pamper yourself with a massage in the Imperial Spa 

Hot Spring

Take a dip in the hotel’s own private natural outdoor hot spring 

Kingold Musuem

Stroll through the rambling hotel gardens before you visit the Kingold Musuem, one of China’s most impressive private collections of Chinese art and artefacts