Frequently asked questions

CGE Golf has built a significant number of destinations since we started our golf tour business some 10 years ago. You have many choices including the very popular and highly demanded Mission Hills Golf club in Shenzhen/Dongguan and their Mission Hills Haikou facility of Hainan Island, an amazing 22 courses in all. You should always include the Sheraton Dunes complex just a 2 hour drive from Haikou for some stunning golf. Then there is Vietnam, in particular Danang Golf Coast, the great courses around Hua Hin, Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand and New Zealand with its breathtaking courses on both the North and South Islands. Then there’s the bucket list and not so well known destinations in the USA, Scotland, Ireland and Europe. If you would like to check out one of our destinations then please contact us on 1300CGE GOLF or we are here to help.

At CGE Golf we look after anyone who wants to travel to enjoy golf overseas so whether you’re on your own, just a couple or in a group we would be delighted to help you. There are no maximum number of participants either, we have looked after groups of 120+.

Yes we have a number of escorted tours running through the year to locations including Mission Hills China, Hainan Island, South Africa, USA, Japan and more. We also have tournaments including our 2 Resort Challenge in Hainan Island, we can help you with details to suit your travel needs.

We can assist there too as we know they will also love the various locations. Whether their preference is to go shopping, see local attractions, learn about the local culture or history or just relax around the resort and indulge in some therapeutic massage or spa we can help them enjoy their time while you golf your heart out.

There are many factors to consider including the obvious one of weather however there is also consideration of different pricing structures, school and public holidays, daylight saving and more. If you would like to discuss the most appropriate time of year for your golf holiday simply call us on 1300 CGE GOLF in Australia or email we’d be delighted to help you.

We suggest you go to the web site and check the typical weather for your location. We always suggest you take your wet weather gear with you and an umbrella, after all golf is an outdoor sport and you need to prepare for mother Nature.

We recommend you pack your clubs and golf bag into a coverall or travel cover and use a Club Glove Stiff Arm or similar inside your golf bag to help protect your clubs from damage. You can also pack your wet weather gear or towels inside the top of your golf bag to help further protect your clubs.

It is strongly recommended you purchase travel insurance otherwise you could be up for a significant amount of money if something unforeseen happens or you fall ill.

Some credit cards do include a cover of some sort however it’s best you check the full details. If you are unsure there are a number of other companies providing extensive travel insurance including CoverMore one of Australia’s biggest providers. CGE can help if you require such insurance.

This does depend upon the country itself for instance Thailand allows 30 day visa free travel for visitors from 64 countries, China has some visa waiver provinces though they are under very strict conditions, Vietnam has visa on arrival facilities while the USA requires an ESTA be obtained prior to arrival. If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification.

We suggest you take some of your own currency which you may be able to change at the hotel’s reception desk. Be aware that when withdrawing local currency at an ATM the exchange rates or fees can be significant, check your bank first to see what their costs are for such transactions. Using a local money exchanger usually provides a better rate though you need to be very careful to ensure they have given you the correct amount of money. We find exchange services at airports to be an expensive way to buy local currencies, albeit convenient.

This does depend on your country of travel, South Africa and South America are certainly destinations where vaccinations are generally required. Usually Asian countries, the USA and Europe do not require such precautions however we always suggest you check with your own GP. We recommend you enquire with your GP about the need for Hepatitis and Tetanus boosters.

Experience tells us that such medications or CPAP equipment be carried in your hand luggage as checked baggage can go astray, while this is an irregular occurrence its better to be safe than sorry. For those people taking important medication with you we suggest you obtain a letter from your doctor outlining the medication being carried and that you will be returning to Australia with same.

Your passport should have 6 months validity from your date of departure for your trip we suggest you obtain a new one well in advance of leaving or applying for any visas otherwise you may not be able to take your trip. Check your Government authority for their recommendation.

Most venues provide a level of Internet connection with their own Wifi system though some may charge for faster services. You should always be careful using your mobile devices and check you first have access while away and then any charges your carrier may apply. You can be caught with a significant bill on your return if you inadvertently use data on the mobile networks without an international plan in place. Check with your local provider before departing.

China has a block on all social media, WhatsApp, Google search engines, gmail etc when using wifi however you can access them when using the mobile network though this does require the use of mobile data. If you wish to have access when on wifi then the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) App will help you though once again China tries to block these too. We find Betternet, Hexatech, Express VPN and others do work at times so its best to download an app before you depart. Facetime and text messaging are both accessible without issue over wifi.

Wechat is the main communication system in China and connection with those overseas. Download the App before you depart and suggest your family and friends do the same, this way you can stay in touch anywhere in China. Just be careful of commentary to ensure you do not contravene any acceptable standards.

Airlines differ significantly some allow golf clubs as part of the standard baggage rates others require pre-purchase of extra baggage. The amount of checked baggage also depends upon your class of travel and any Frequent flyer status you may have with the airline. We suggest you go to your carriers web site and check those details.

Leave your itinerary with those who may need to contact you and we also recommend that you register your trip with your Government authority, in Australia that is Whenever you travel unexpected situations can arise both at home and abroad, in some cases it may be necessary for the Government to contact you. It may take you a few minutes to complete however that time could save many hours of searching should someone need to contact you urgently while you are away.