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Mission Hills, China

Mission Hills Shenzhen Golf Course

Mission Hills Shenzhen is easily the largest golf resort and complex in the world, stretching over 20-square kilometres and featuring seven courses, four club houses, and more than 500 deluxe rooms. The premier destination for a leisure holiday, Mission Hills Shenzhen is home to leading spa and gym facilities, tennis courts, and a wide array of dining options to suit all tastes. As a complete golf destination, it conveniently offers everything a player could want in one luxurious setting. Golfers will have plenty of options to choose from, with a choice of seven expertly-designed courses at their doorstep plus access to all of the courses at neighbouring Mission Hills Dongguan. 

  • Visit ancient towns and learn about their influence on Chinese history
  • Visit China’s second national art gallery to view traditional paintings and calligraphy
  • Seven 18-hole golf courses, plus access to the courses at neighbouring Mission Hills Dongguan
  • Host of the 1995 World Cup of Golf
  • Host of the Omega Mission Hills World Cup from 2007-2009 

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Activities in Mission Hills Shenzhen

Non golfing activities

Located in the city of Guanlan in Shenzhen, Mission Hills Shenzhen is halfway between the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan in southeastern China. A busy metropolis that still retains much of its ancient charm, Shenzhen is both a popular sightseeing and shopping destination. 


Visit the nearby Mission Hills Sport & Eco Park and embark on an eco-trail 


Travel to the ancient town of Dapeng, built during the time of the Ming Dynasty to act as a defence against Japanese invaders 

Ancient Town

Explore the narrow streets of the ancient town of Xin’an, built more than 1,000 years ago 


Admire the calligraphy and traditional paintings in the He Xiang Ning Art Gallery, the second national art gallery in the country 

Dapeng Bay

Take a walk along the Damiesha Seashore Park, which stretches for 1.8km down the beautiful Dapeng Bay and across the South China Sea 


Browse the designer stores at the new MH Centreville shopping mall

Client Testimonial

Geoff Ross
Sunshine Golf Club

Firstly l would like to congratulate both yourself and Steven on a fabulous event in making our experience at Mission Hills China best yet...

Without a doubt that was the best of over 30+ golf trips l have personally experienced. 

All Golf courses had a huge WOW factor. The accommodation was 5 star, people great and very affordable....

Taking 25 members from Sunshine Golf Club seemed like it was going to be a week from hell for myself, but with the schedule, knowledge of both the resort and golf made my experience seamless...

I have had responses from many that have said, put them down for next year!!!

Would love to catch up to discuss future trips...