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Why Should You Have Travel Insurance?

The trip of a lifetime can turn into a journey to hell and back if youv are not covered for events such as lost luggage, accidents and illness. You may think it will not happen to you, but nearly 150,000 Australians make a claim on their travel insurance each year.

It is not just about losing your new camera or having your wallet stolen - losses you might be able to bear, albeit reluctantly. Should you have an accident or fall ill while overseas, the consequences can be financially devastating.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warns that the cost of hospitalisation in South-East Asia can exceed $800 a day; a stay in a general ward in Noumea costs at least $1500 a day (or $3000 in intensive care); and the cost of medical evacuation from the United States has been known to be in excess of $300,000.

The alternative is to pay for private care yourself, the worst-case scenario being a six-figure debt for surgery in the United States.
If you intend to rely on your credit card insurance, please refer to checklist in attached PDF.

China Golf Experience recommends Cover More Insurance for your travel insurance needs. Please contact us directly for a competitive quote as all CGE clients receive discounted travel insurance when booking through China Golf Experience Pty Ltd.

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