Enjoy a convenient and reliable Golf Clubs Transfer Service with CGE Golf. We’ve partnered with Ship Sticks to make getting your golf clubs to and from your golf destination easy, quick, and hassle-free.  Enjoy a relaxing and stress-free travel experience anywhere in the world.

1. Book

Ship your golf clubs to your chosen destination with Ship Sticks. Simply choose your trip dates and schedule your shipment.

2. Print & Attach Label

The shipping label will be emailed to you. Simply print and securely attach it to your golf clubs.

3. Travel Hassle-Free

Ship Sticks will arrange to pick up your golf clubs or you can choose to drop them off. 

4. Relax & Tee-Off

Your clubs will be shipped to the golf course or hotel ahead of your arrival. Then it’s time to play golf and enjoy!

Ship Sticks is our trusted partner in travel transfer. If you would like to arrange your golf club shipping with them, click the link below to receive 10% off the cost of the service you select.

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